A place that takes the time to listen to you

I have developed two hearing centers in the Alpes Maritimes to better serve people with hearing loss. I too have been suffering from severe hearing loss since I was very young. It is a determining fact in my life and especially in my career, which I certainly did not cause, but which I have been able to use when I had the opportunity.

Fitted out since the age of 4, I put my experience at your service.

Laurent Delcourt

Christian M.


“I have been wearing a pair of hearing aids for a long time and have always been very attentive to the quality and efficiency of my accompaniment to meet my professional needs.
After successive failures since my installation in the 06, I found with Laurent Delcourt a service whose reactivity and quality are exemplary for an active person. Moreover, he knows by his availability, his kindness and his great experience how to make the hearing-impaired and their entourage understand the complexity of relational problems”.

Brigitte A.


“Operated 4 years ago on an acoustic neuroma, I have a partial hearing loss and mostly tinnitus. I saw Laurent Delcourt a few months after my operation and since then my tinnitus has clearly diminished and I can hear much better. A lot of seriousness, professionalism, and great availability. If I have a problem with my hearing aid, I make an appointment and Laurent fixes it for me. He is very attentive to his customers. I highly recommend him.”

Anny P.


“The experience of what deafness or hearing loss involves gives Mr. Delcourt a full understanding of the disadvantages in everyday life, professional, family and social life. Very involved in the most efficient technical research, he knows how to adapt the most compatible aid to each case! He knows how to create a reassuring and encouraging atmosphere, supported by a friendly team. In addition, there is a serious follow-up for adaptation after leaving isolation!”

Philippe M.


“Exemplary professional qualities. He is certainly the most sensitive person and able to understand our deafness. I highly recommend.”

Claudine L.


“After a very disappointing experience in the Paris region, my doctor referred me to the Delcourt Center. It was a very happy meeting. I discovered a very professional audioprosthesist.
Patient, answering all our questions, today I found the pleasure to communicate again…. It’s life changing. Don’t hesitate to go and meet him.”

Marie Noëlle F.


“Pleasant welcome, a lot of listening and informed advice, excellent results, follow-up is assured in the long run.”

Didier P.


“After more than ten years of ‘partnership’ with Laurent Delcourt I have only positive things to say. Listening skills (no pun intended) available in case of difficulties, reactive and professional. If you add the latest in hearing equipment, you get peace of mind and almost perfect hearing”.

Joëlle G.


“Congratulations to the Centre Delcourt de Peymeinade for his “listening”, his availability.
Laurent Delcourt’s patience, empathy and professionalism are unfailing. I highly recommend him to anyone with hearing problems.”