Equipment: Step by step

1/ Getting to know each other

A hearing aid fitting begins with a first appointment during which the audioprosthesist will target your needs.

Hearing level, lifestyle, activities and budget are all criteria that allow the audioprosthesist to offer you a solution that suits you as much as possible.

Once the hearing aid model has been determined, a free trial is scheduled.

2/ Try

It’s D-Day, you start your fitting trial today.

The audioprosthesist will fit the hearing aids chosen during your first appointment on your ear.

After learning how to operate the devices and making individual settings, you take them home with you to try them out in a real-life context. What could be better than your everyday life to figure it out?

The trial period lasts one month. During the trial period, the hearing care professional will see you regularly to discuss with you any changes that may need to be made to the fitting.

During these appointments it is important to share your comments with the audioprosthesist, who can then take the necessary steps to ensure that the test is as effective as possible.

3/ Enjoy

The test is over and you have made the choice to keep the hearing aids.

Your audioprosthetist takes care of the administrative formalities for your health reimbursement.

He will then see you several times during the year, depending on what he recommends for you, in order to adjust the settings if necessary and thus ensure that the hearing aids continue to give you satisfaction.