Consequences in everyday life

The most common effects that disrupt daily life:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleep disturbance in 1/3 of cases
  • Interference with communication and reading
  • Nervousness, irritability
  • Dizziness, neck pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Back pain
  • Feeling tired, worried, anxious
  • Agitation, tension.
  • Favouring the development of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Dangerous effects due in large part to total intolerance:

These internal noises can sometimes have a significant psychological effect and become so intolerable that medicine resorts to psychiatric drugs.

Indeed, it must be understood that the patient who has been suffering from tinnitus for several years, endures the isolation where his buzzing is confined. The buzzing leads to intolerance, which in turn leads to depression, obsessively invades the silence and the mind, and causes rejection of one’s own body.

While most tinnitus is accompanied by deafness, 20-30% occurs in subjects who do not complain of hearing.

It is important to reassure the person with tinnitus, who, nervous and stressed, develops tinnitus even more.

Tinnitus Appreciations